Meet The Team

Leon Thomson - Thomson BILT

Leon Thomson

Managing Director
Hi I'm Leon Thomson and I'm one of the managing directors of Thomson BILT. I'm a bricklayer by trade completing my apprenticeship locally with a local builder. Then I travelled around Australia working before settling back into the Mount start my own business contracting to local builders bricklaying, concreting and tiling. I then furthered my studies in the construction industry to gain my domestic and commercial builders license, which has enabled Thomson BILT to expand its offerings over the years. The building industry is what I know and love and enjoy every aspect from the concept with clients, to the design phase all the way to the project completion. Out side of work I love spending time with my family, getting out in our caravan and exploring, relaxing at home with family and friends over a quiet beer and BBQ.
Julia Holdman-s

Julia Holdman

Managing Director
My name is Julia Holdman and I have been in the building industry for 5 years. My background consisted of a tax accountant for many years, then working with a private company in the Rural Industry for 8 years as a CFO/Manager. I bought into Thomson Bilt in 2018 and then Buildpro was purchased in 2020. I am from a rural background and travelling is my thing. I have trekked the desert in Phoenix Arizona USA, gone on Safaris in Zimbabwe, Africa and shopped till I have dropped in China and have been everywhere inbetween. I have driven around Australia and would love to do it all again. I love high performance cars. My greatest achievement was having 3 beautiful girls Tayler, Jordan and Portia and who knows one day they might like to come into the building industry and join me. I have learnt a lot about sheds, I did think that I knew a lot about hay sheds but you can never stop learning. We have a great team at Thomson Bilt and I'm sure if you have built a shed through us or would love to you will not be disappointed.
Blake Lynch-s

Blake Lynch

Managing Director
I am a carpenter by trade for 9 years. I came to Thomson Bilt for a change in the construction industry. I am building Industrial / Commerical sheds. I love spending time with my small family, Jess my fiancé and Sophie.
Kira Zaastras-s

Kira Zaadstra

I spent 7 years as a stay at home mum to my two girls, before joining the Thomson Bilt team in 2020. Prior to kids I worked in administration for around 9 years. I love watching the kids go exploring and seeing new things.
Ash Madden-s

Ash Madden

Site Supervisor
I Joined the Thomson Bilt team in 2017, I am a carpenter by trade for 32 years. Away from work I enjoy time with my young family and friends caravanning and camping.
Mick Brody-s

Garth Ransom

Shed Erector
I’m 32 years old. I’m a builder by trade but have been specializing in building domestic sheds for about 9 years. I have one kid, Kai. My hobbies are footy, baseball, beers and hanging with the little fella.
Paul Alvey-s

Paul Alvey

Shed Erector
I worked for Templeton’s for a long time before coming to Thomson Bilt. I have been working for Thomson Bilt for 9 years now, I can build both domestic and industrial / commercial sheds. I am a passionate West Coast supporter.
John Cook-s

John Cook

Shed Erector
I worked for Templeton’s for a long time before coming to Thomson Bilt. I have been working for Thomson Bilt for 9 years. I specialize in building pergolas and carports and I'm pretty handy when it comes to garage doors also.
Matthew Byrnes-s1

Matthew Byrnes

Shed Erector
I am a qualified bricklayer. I have just commenced with Thomson Bilt and this is my second stint with them as a Shed erector. I like fishing, football and spending time with the kids, .
Kev Thomson-s

Mick Brody

Door Fitter
I have been working back with Thomson Bilt for about 6 years although I started fitting doors back in 1999. I am specializing in all your garage door needs. I’m married with 3 children and am a car enthusiast.
Evan Welsh - Thomson BILT

Evan Welsh

Shed Builder
I'm a Carpenter by trade and have always enjoyed building. When away from work, I enjoy spending time with my kids, and am often building new projects.
Jack Thomson (dog)-s

Jack Thomson

Toy Poodle
My name is Jack Thomson. I have been with Thomson Bilt for about 4 years and I am a toy poodle. You will see me every time you come into the office. I was purchased from a lady in Adelaide. I love living in Mount Gambier. I love going to work and I love meeting and greeting people.